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Welcome to our store!  We are Vapetricity. We are your source for everything Vape. We have a HUGE selection of quality hand picked electronic cigarette hardware and e-juice​

We carry many of the top rated devices and juices on the market as well as host a comfortable environment to relax, shop and enjoy here in Grayslake, IL.



The batteries sold at this store are powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. When handled correctly, lithium-ion batteries can be both very useful and safe. However, these lithium-ion batteries do have the potential to be dangerous when abused and can cause a fire when misused. It's very important to take extra care when handling any lithium-ion batteries.

Please read  below to avoid personal injury, fire or damage to batteries:

Customers are cautioned against using or purchasing counterfeit or inferior quality batteries. These batteries have the potential to cause fire, personal injury, or damage to property.  These batteries are typically found  online from untrusted vendors.

Do not use counterfeit or low quality batteries with any portable vaporizer or portable vaporizer provided charger.

Lithium ion batteries are manufactured according to strict quality standards which provides for consistent and dependable performance. Vapetricity strongly warns customers against purchasing counterfiet or low quality batteries. Vapetricity recommends to only purchase batteries from reputable brand name batteries. We only carry trusted batteries, if there is ever a question about batteries feel free to contact a member of our staff.

Battery Handling Notice

Disposable lithium batteries and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can explode, release flames, or cause burns if disassembled, punctured, cut, crushed, short-circuited, incinerated, recharged, or exposed to water, fire, or high temperatures.

To ensure optimal safety and performance:

DO NOT allow children to handle rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, or Primary batteries.

DO NOT use counterfeit or inferior-quality batteries with PV or PV chargers.

DO NOT place loose batteries in a cup-holder, pocket, purse, or any receptacle containing metal objects. These metal objects can interact with the exposed contacts of a battery and potentially short circuit the battery.

DO NOT store batteries with hazardous or combustible material. Store in a dry and ventilated area.

We only tell you all of this because we love you.  

Following the above recommendations will ensure that you are vaping without injury for many years to come.  


Our Products are available online and also at our store in Lake Villa IL.

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